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Mamut Steakpub Mimari Tasarımı, Uygulaması, Marka Danışmanlığı ve Ajans Hizmetleri

A space that would become an Instagrammable spot for visitors to the Mamut Steakpub. ​ The brainchild of monoroom architects blurs the lines between street landscape and interior design. Mamut Steakpub, with its living trees, is a fusion of outdoors and indoors. ​ This was the main objective of the project: feel as though you’re outdoors while still inside. ​ The architects were given the space at Mamut Steakpub and asked to work their magic. Measuring some 580 square meters with two-level ceilings, they started essentially from scratch. ​ Work on the concept was divided into two stages. The first was the development of functional zoning, which allowed the creation of several areas for work and leisure, communication with neighbours or business meetings. ​ Zones had to be designed for one person in mind and for groups of up to six people. ​ The lounge space was isolated and visually separated from the transit area due to living trees, upholstered furniture. ​ During the second stage, lighting was tackled. “Expolight” are experts in adaptive lighting and they created a system that would automatically adjust for the time of day. The intensity, color and mood of the light corresponds with the location of the sun delivering a comfortable atmosphere at any time of day. The floor and walls are made of porcelain which resembles a cut of stone. ​ Upholstered furniture was made to order according to the sketches of a turkish design company. ​ Mamut Steakpub has a stunning private park with wooded areas and a natural feel. The architects of this project wanted people indoors to feel as though they were outdoors. To achieve this, they installed large panoramic windows around the perimeter.








Mustafa Naci Karaşan

Nisa Nur Şen

& monoroom | Architects

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