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Athletica Sports Mimari Projelendirme, Uygulama, Marka Danışmanlığı ve Ajans Hizmetleri

Athletica Sports is a progressive sports studio in Ankara with a stylish and relaxing atmosphere. Cycling and TRX are the perfect combination of two different training formats. The interior combines a clean light background and bright spots of identity which is an inherentpartof Athletica Sports’s unique style. To speed up the construction process we tried to avoid the wet construction processes as much as possible replacing the usual wall covering with white and blue chipboards all round the perimeter. Thus we managed to create a continuous white plane with built-in functional storage areas and door panels leading to the locker rooms. A healthy drink bar with smoothies and freshly squeezed juices became the heart of the club.






Ali Güneş


Mustafa Naci Karaşan

Nisa Nur Şen

& monoroom | Architects

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