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Çam Ağaçları İçinde Bir Dağ Evi Önerisi ve

3D Görselleştirmesi

The first challenge for us was the location of the house. Given that the construction was planned on a slope with 12 meters difference, it was necessary to create a convenient entry to the territory for residents. ​ The house was designed taking into account all the specifics of the surrounding area. Project is inscribed in the landscape in such a way that it preserves the trees growing here. ​ The simple geometry of the facade ideally fits into the unusual arrangement of tiers, and the use of modern materials made the building visually light and still solid and massive. ​ Due to glass facade the sun freely penetrates into the room providing a lot of natural light throughout the day. Ergonomic and functional interior complements the general idea: everything you need without any frills. Using soft colors and preserving the maximum free space, the designers created an ideal place for relaxation, “a get away” from daily routine.


Ayancık, Sinop






Mustafa Naci Karaşan

Nisa Nur Şen

& monoroom | Architects

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