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T A N Social Office Loft Conceptual Project

Inspired by the new industrial architecture of Ankara, the TAN Sosyal Ofis Loft is undergoing a contemporary makeover that will combine its authentic exterior with a timelessly stylish interior. Its five floors will be home to chic lofts with ceilings so high you’ll have to crane your neck to see them, while the floor-to-ceiling windows will offer stunning views over the city and out to town center.

Just as the Maslak district in İstanbul has become one of the most sought-after places to live in the world, the Balgat is set to follow this trend in Ankara. The former TAN Sosyal Ofis Loft is undergoing a makeover that combines its powerful exterior architecture with light and airy interior planning.






Osman Tan


Mustafa Naci Karaşan

& monoroom | Architects

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